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The IMI Education and Training quality standards

on-course® incorporates a set of nine quality standards, developed jointly by the IMI Education and Training projects and supported by LifeTrain’s signatories. Course providers who enter their courses in on-course® are encouraged to provide information on which of the quality standards apply to their courses. This is entirely voluntary, but provides added information to course seekers that may help them to decide whether or not a particular course is appropriate for them.

  1. University accreditation OR a system for approving, monitoring and reviewing the training offered
  2. Quality assurance of teaching staff
  3. Regular review of the QA/QC process and demonstration that the training is further developed in light of this review
  4. Defined and transparent admission criteria
  5. A predefined set of teaching objectives, leading to defined learning outcomes
  6. The facilities, infrastructure, leadership and competences available for the support of student learning
  7. Assessment of the students’ achievement in accordance with the agreed learning outcomes of the training offered
  8. A system for collecting, assessing and addressing feedback from learners, teachers, technical/administrative staff and programme/course/module managers
  9. Availability of appropriate and regularly reviewed reference material (e.g. published articles, links, book chapters, scripts, etc.)
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