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Competency as the currency for careers

What is competency?

By definition, competency is an observable ability of any professional, integrating multiple components such as knowledge, skills, values and attitudes. It is observable, so its acquisition can be validated objectively.

Why is it relevant?

Competency is an important concept for LifeTrain because it provides a shared ‘currency’ applicable to learning of all types and at all career stages.

  • Individual professionals can use competency as a career development tool: by documenting the competencies that you have gained, and the evidence that you have gained them, in a competency portfolio you can seek further training to fill gaps in your portfolio, or map your existing portfolio to roles that you might not previously have considered.
  • Professional bodies and employers can use competency to define competency profiles for different roles or professions. These provide useful guidance when hiring and promoting individuals, and can also provide the basis for professional recognition in regulated professions.
  • Course providers can use competency to develop training (by asking what competencies their trainees need to gain) and, where appropriate, to assess whether training has been effective.