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Agreed principles

LifeTrain’s signatories have developed and agreed to four sets of principles, one for each stakeholder group.

Professional/scientific bodies will:

  1. Encourage members to establish and develop professional competencies by the provision of a framework for lifelong learning and professional recognition
  2. Support their membership in the development and maintenance of a competency portfolio
  3. Recognise the importance of relevant trans-disciplinary and generic competences
  4. Recognise core competences from other IMI LifeTrain partner professional/scientific bodies
  5. Work towards the implementation of the IMI Education and Training quality standard
  6. Recognise continuing education courses that fulfil the appropriate IMI Education and Training standard as part of an individual’s CPD
  7. Recognise the added value of periodic auditing of CPD records

Employers will:

  1. Provide input to the development of CPD competency and learning requirements, to ensure employer needs are addressed

  2. Recognise the roles and requirements of professional/scientific bodies

  3. Recognise the value of competency portfolios in career development

  4. Include CPD in individual recruitment and development plans

  5. Recognise the value of CPD courses which meet the IMI Education and Training quality standard and recommend them for training

  6. Advise future employees about the importance of maintaining professional competence and include CPD requirements in job adverts

  7. Recognise the importance of temporary work placements for enhancing learning, networking and mobility

Course providers will:

  1. Develop and deliver professional training courses in collaboration with industry and other employers

  2. Recognise the IMI Education Training quality standard and, when applicable, meet these standards

  3. Address and meet the needs of adult learners. Provide flexible, modular/short courses with provision of varied learning methodologies

  4. Work with LifeTrain to raise awareness of on-course® and, where feasible, enter and update data

Individual professionals will:

  1. Develop and maintain an optimal level of professional competence in their respective and related function(s) in order to contribute to speeding up the development of better medicines for patients

  2. Take responsibility for their continuing professional development

  3. Work closely with employers and professional/scientific bodies to maintain professional competence

  4. Take advantage of the “Plan-Do-Review Cycle” new competencies

  5. Develop and maintain a competency portfolio and share relevant information with professional/scientific bodies and employers