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Ways to move your science career forward

Outstanding talks at the EMBL conference on Lifelong Learning in the Biomedical Sciences

The EMBL conference on Lifelong Learning in the Biomedical Sciences has a programme of outstanding talks from known speakers in the field plus dedicated post-conference workshops. Late registration is now open.

Highlights include:

  • Fixing the broken academic career pipeline
    Bruce Alberts, University of California, San Francisco
  • Learning to innovate: how do we turn scientists into industrial innovators?
    Malcolm Skingle, GSK, Medicines Research Centre
  • Returning to academia after a career in big Pharma
    Neil Carragher, University of Edinburgh
  • The importance of developing a career plan
    Philip S. Clifford, University of Illinois at Chicago/MyIDP
  • Developing and using competency profiles for professional development (post conference workshop)
    Cath Brooksbank, EMBL-EBI, EMTRAIN and Hans Lindén, EUFEPS, SafeSciMet
  • Supporting early-stage researchers to plan their careers (post conference workshop)
    Alison Mitchell, Vitae and Philip S. Clifford, University of Illinois at Chicago/MyIDP

The conference will take place in Heidelberg, Germany on 5-7 July 2016. Late registration is open for this event. Please contact Tim Nürnberger.

Find out more on the event website.